Why should I get my clubs custom fitted

Whenever you are buying new golf clubs – make sure of one thing, get them custom fitted to yourself
Every golfer is a bit different in height, body shape and the shape of their golf swing. Clubs that are custom fitted are specifically suited to an individual's height, wrist to floor measurement, club head speed and swing characteristics.
Off-the-shelf golf clubs are one-size-fits-all, designed for the "typical" golfer, who may be of an average height of 5-feet-9 or so and someone who hits a 5-iron to about 150 yards. A golfer might get lucky with an off-the-shelf set, but many golfers will find themselves ill-suited to such a set. The best example I can give is you can either go and buy a size – 40 suit from the shelf, that may or may not fit you or you can take the cloth and give it to a tailor who will take your measurements and then make a perfectly fitting suit.
A club fitting session will involve a teaching pro taking some of your measurements and then watching you hit balls and seeing how best the contact and ball flight can be controlled with the help of clubs that are perfectly fitted to you. A typical club fitting will take about 15 minutes and most pro shops are happy to give it to you free as an add on service.
The idea is to find the best combination of shaft (length, flex and kick point), loft (standard, strong or flat), lie (upright or flat), grip etc, among other factors. Fittings can be done for every club in the bag, including putters, but iron fittings are most common.
Off late, driver fitting has really taken off with fitted drivers giving you the extra 10 – 15 yards as compared to non fitted drivers, an advantage few cannot afford to have
So, make sure that whenever you’re buying new clubs, have your pro fit them out for you. It will definitely help your game!!