Why are short irons easier to hit than long irons

The general belief in the golfing world is "the longer the length and the lower the loft, the harder the club will be to hit for any golfer." This is true for almost all handicap golfers and has the following reasons for it
Long irons are definitely longer in length as compared to the short irons. The longer the length of the club, the more athleticism and ability is required in the swing to perform all the fundamentally sound swing moves like keeping the club coming into impact on a square swing path as well as keeping the clubface more square to the target at impact. Also, in a short iron, you are standing much closer to the golf ball as compared with a long iron and the radius of the swing circle is much smaller making it easier to get a consistent impact every time.
The other reason is that long irons have a lower loft on them and this makes it tougher to get them up in the air, especially if the swing speed of the golfer is slow. Short irons on the other hand have much more loft on them and also have a larger club face and a bigger sweet spot, making them more forging and easier to get up in the air for the average golfer.
Long irons being tougher to hit as compared to the short irons has been the most important reason for the launch and great success of the hybrid club.