What is an x - out golf ball

X-Out golf balls are sold in many golf shops and retail stores usually at much lower prices as compared with regular or brand new golf balls. This is because an X-Out ball is the result of a mistake in the manufacturing process.
X-Outs are name-brand golf balls on which that brand has been stamped out, usually with a row of X's, because of imperfections in the ball. Those imperfections are often cosmetic in nature, and usually so small as not to be noticeable. These golf balls usually play the same as the regular golf balls or at least close enough that most players can never tell the difference in the performance
So that's what is an X-Out golf ball and should you use them? Will they affect your performance if you play with them? And are they "legal" under the Rules of Golf to play in a tournament?
Here are the answers - If during the manufacturing process some tiny little error occurs and the resulting balls are not up to the manufacturer’s standards, the company will not package those balls and try to pass them off as brand new golf balls. These golf balls may not pass 1 out of the 10 quality checks that they are supposed to pass and therefore are not sold as brand new golf balls. So instead, the company stamps a row of X's across the brand name on the ball and puts a very cheap price on them.
For most amateurs and club members, an X-Out golf ball will perform almost the same way as a normal golf ball will and they will not feel any difference. For a scratch golfer, the X–Out golf ball will vary in the distance that he hits each club and give him inconsistent yardages.
Needless to say, X-Out balls are not submitted by their manufacturers to the USGA or R&A for approval, and so they would not appear on the list of conforming balls. Therefore, if you are competing in a tournament or at a club where the only conforming golf balls are allowed, X-Outs are illegal for play.