What is a game improvement club

Game improvement club, as the name suggests is a club that is more forgiving and makes it easier for the average club golfer to hit straight as compared with a traditional blade club head. A game improvement club or club head is designed to offer less loss of distance and less of a drop in accuracy when the ball is hit away from the center of the clubface.

In both, woods as well as irons, game improvement club heads will usually be larger in size and volume as well as have a lower center of gravity. The larger club face makes it easier to hit the ball and offers forgiveness on off – center hits whereas the lower center of gravity makes it easier for the ball to get airborne and stay straighter (as the backspin rate is higher). The larger club head also increases the moment of inertia which reduces the tendency of the club face to turn or twist if the ball is struck from the heel or the toe of the club.
In case of irons, the larger the head shape, the deeper the cavity on the back of the head, the wider the sole, the more weight distribution is along the perimeter of the club head (perimeter weighting) thus making the club head more stable through impact, especially in the case of heel or toe contact with the golf ball
The average club golfer will hit a lot of shots that do not connect in the center of the club face and the above features of a game improvement club will help to minimize the twisting of the club face, thus resulting in straighter and more accurate shots.